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Virtual Air New Zealand Announces Real-Life Flightsim Get Together

The board of Virtual Air New Zealand are excited to extend an invitation to simmers based in New Zealand or anyone visiting NZ in November to join us for a flight-sim and real-world aviation event to be held at the Air Nelson base and airport on the weekend of 4th-6th of November 2011.

Join us in Nelson to learn more about this great regional carrier, to get some insight into the operational side of Air Nelson, and to learn more about the Bombardier Dash8/Q300 aircraft and this fabulous airport and environment. Your turbo-prop sim-flying experience will never be the same again

Early birds will be arriving friday night for a quick catchup and intros. The event proper will run all day Saturday, with planned activities including talks by Air Nelson’s Ground Instructor, the Flight Operations Manager and other Air Nelson staff subject to rostering. We hope to get a tour of the Tower and other facilities during the day, and will have a BBQ or evening social event to wind things up.

To find out more about the weekend’s plans please download the PDF following….

And if you decide to join us register your interest on the form on the following page:

We look forward to seeing you in Nelson.


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