Canadian Xpress Reaches 25,000 Flights

Canadian Xpress® is pleased to announce that with just over 2 years of operations we have officially logged over 25,000 flights and wanted to take this opportunity to thank all our pilots for their support in helping make us one of the fastest growing Canadian virtual airlines. Your participation in our events, challenges, contests and pilots forum is what has made Canadian Xpress® the continued success that it is.

We would like to also thank:

• VAFlash for the continued support and publicity of our events;

• All those who have contributed to Canadian Xpress® with a financial donation;

• All our sponsors who have donated prizes for our events;

• ATC controllers around the world who have expertly controlled CXA pilots.

For the latest Canadian Xpress Virtual Airline® flight statistics, please visit our home page located at .


One Response to Canadian Xpress Reaches 25,000 Flights

  • admin says:

    Congratulations to Marc, the entire CXA staff and pilot base on your achievement!!

    Blue Skies,
    Lindle Romero
    Owner/Operator – VAFLASH.Com

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