Grand Opening of United Airlines VA

Today we would with pride like to official announce a New United Airlines Virtual ( in the Vatsim Community.

Who we are and what makes us unique,

Is the variety of Operational functions we offer such as: Aviation Abbreviations FAR Part 1, Check Rides an additional Type-Ratings under your Category based under FAR part 61, use the appropriate Standard Approach Procedures under FAR Part 97, ETOPS Operating Rating for those who plan to accommodate Trans Atlantic Flights or Trans Pacific Operations and would like to earn an ETOPS Rating, Real Time Schedules with a 95% accuracy from Departure time to Arrival with a detailed Dispatch Release Sheet and all tools that are needed to plan a flight and much more…

We are a virtual airline that prides itself on innovation and creativity. You see those words at many different Virtual Airlines but it really didn’t mean anything until now. Our Hiring process  is based on a 3 Step System.

1st stage is the Candidate will be asked to take our Entry Level Exam this includes questioning about Aircraft, Real World Regulations and General Question about Aviation skills.

2nd stage of the Candidate is to fill out an application form with a Digital Signature and Documents of  Information, after submitting his paperwork the Human Resources Department will be evaluate and determine his qualifications, this process may take up to 5 Work days.

3rd stage is we proceed with A scheduled Interview one on one with our pilots to determine their skill base and assess their knowledge on real world topics. This process is one of the most unique in the Virtual Airline Industry. After he has completed all stages and passed The new Crew Member becomes our Welcome Package with all necessary Tools to start his duty in a new world of Aviation.

These are the minimum requirements for an application to be approved:

- Pass the Entry exam and score an 80% or Higher
- Meet all requirements to fulfill the Membership
- 350+ hours online flying time on VATSIM or IVAO networks(verified during application process)
- 250+ hours previous flying experience
- 100+ hours on turboprop or jet aircraft
- 100+ hours experience with at least one aircraft type in our fleet using quality (non- default) flight dynamics and realistic instrument panel representation

If you fur fill the requirements and feel like you want a new dimension and experience Join us in a new United Airlines Virtual.

We await your application!

*United Airlines Virtual 1002
Chief Operating Officer Marco Rivera

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