Introducing Nippon Virtual Cargo

Introducing Nippon Virtual Cargo!  Unlike other virtual airlines, Nippon Virtual Cargo does not want to be the largest virtual airline, but rather an organization that offers a home and a place where aviation enthusiasts can join together and communicate, collaborate, and participate in and about aviation.

Nippon Virtual Cargo’s flight schedules correlate to those of the real world.  Every tail-number and flight number is relative to the flight number and tail number of each route and aircraft of Nippon Cargo Airlines.  The majority of these schedules are about 4+ hours long while there are 2 hour schedules. Operations are directed to the main hub, Narita-Tokyo International Airport, from Alaska, Illinois, New York, and California as well as European and Asian-Pacific cities.  Frequent flights from Rockford-Chicago International Airport to Anchorage-Alaska International airport connect the central United States with the Asian-Pacific territories.  This is because of direct flights to Narita and air cargo operations between Incheon.  As flights between Kennedy International and Rockford-Chicago are served to load goods from the East Coast in order to transfer them to central United States for Japan, so are the flight schedules between Incheon to Narita, arriving in Alaska.

Nippon Virtual Cargo utilizes VAFinancials as its primary PIREP flight-tracking software.  This service is paid for by Nippon Virtual Cargo but free of charge for members. In accordance to Nippon Cargo Airlines, Nippon Virtual Cargo operates the Boeing 747-400 Freighter and requires each person to either have a legal copy of the Precision Manuals Boeing 747-400F for a legal copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 or X.

Nippon Virtual Cargo also has a 24/7 public TeamSpeak 3 server.

For your interests in professional business practices, a knowledgeable and respectable community, in addition to your interests in aviation, Nippon Virtual Cargo continues to be your number one virtual air cargo operator.

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