Caal Airways Virtual Monthly Update for February 2012

Time for my monthly report again. Va central and PHPVMS are still having server problems so I cannot access some information that I would usually include in my report. February saw us welcome a new staff member Rhys Barber as the new Caal Airways Training director.

We secured partnership with VATSAF and are still waiting to hear from VATUSA. I am hopeing that this will encourage new pilots from these regions as they are a little under represented in the VA.

We also became six months old in February a significant milestone and all members should be proud of what we have achieved. I am looking forward to the next six months and the lead up to our birthday. We will be holding a birthday event and the planning for that will be starting soon. Our new callsign CLOVER is working well on Vatsim and the controllers are now starting to associate NIR with CLOVER in which is great news. Still add it in your remarks of your flight plan though as this helps controllers who are not familiar with us.

The USA operations manager is still looking for a hub manager so contact him if you are interested. Los Angeles is the hub in question.

Thats about it for February . Lets hope for a successful March and thank you to all members for your continued support.

Alan Cooke



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