UK Direct News Release

UK Direct is a British based virtual airline which has been operating for well over 10 years. We have a regularly updated website with news and repaints and is fully integrated with FS Airlines (a free to use flight tracking program). UKD would like to welcome new pilots to fly any of a wide range of aircraft types over our established route network. With hubs across the UK and US, our fleet travels the globe – but only where you want to go!

UK Direct covers the bulk of our scheduled flights to capital cities and principal cities across the globe in Boeing and Airbus giants as well as operating a domestic fleet of smaller aircraft in the British Isles.

UK Sun is our holiday charter arm flying sun-seekers to holiday destinations across Europe, North America, Asia and the Far East.

If freighters are your thing then take a look at UK Direct World Cargo who will fly anything from a pair of socks in a Shorts 360 to bulk products in Boeing 747-800′s.

Finally we have UK Executive for private charter, business flights and simply flying for the fun of it!

Fly online, or alone at home, with or without FS Airlines in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere – we think we offer something for everyone.

Welcome to UK Direct


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