WestWind Airlines Announces Mike Bergman Hired as EVP of Aircraft

We are pleased to announce that Mike Bergman has been named Executive Vice President of Aircraft for WestWind Virtual Airlines. Mike is also the Executive Vice President of Information Technology at WestWind and a member of the WestWind Executive Committee and will remain in both of those roles. Mike is a resident of Fresno, California. He has been a WestWind pilot since 2007.

The position of EVP of Aircraft became vacant when Kim Stolt, a long-time member of WestWind’s Executive Committee announced his desire to refocus on the Cargo division. Kim will remain in his role as EVP of Cargo Operations and will remain on the Executive Committee.

About WestWind Airlines
WestWind Virtual Airlines is an international online organization dedicated to promoting aviation through simulation. It offers real world pilots the opportunity to inexpensively maintain their piloting skills and provides people who are interested in aviation a chance to learn the skills that are required to pursue a career in aviation. WestWind began operations in 1996 and is one of the oldest virtual airlines in existence. It has members all over the world with management concentrations in The United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. WestWind is an all volunteer organization.

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