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Mirage Executive Charters Gets New Domain, Aircraft and Pilot Base!

Mirage Executive Charters va, simulating Part 135 operations, has received a new domain and is now! We have also added the Cessna C337 Skymaster and Cessna Citation Mustang to our fleet!

Established 3.1.2012

Are you looking for a QUALITY virtual airline with a friendly member base?

Mirage Executive Charters va started at the beginning of the month and since then we have hired 22 pilots and flown an unbelievable total of 308 flights! We use the excellent, VAFS5 system!

We operate as a Part 135 charter company and fly a variety of smaller, executive aircraft!

Our fleet includes:
-Piper Arrow IV (Soon to be replaced by the Piper Saratoga)
-Britten-Norman BN2 Islander
-Cessna C337 Skymaster
-Cessna 340 II
-Piper Malibu P46T
-Cessna Grand Caravan 208 and Super Cargomaster
-Cessna Mustang
-Cessna Citation CJ1

Our pilot bases:
-KSRQ Sarasota, FL Main Base
-KOPF Miami, FL
-KPDK Atlanta, GA
-TNCM St. Marteen

Our routes are updated daily to simulate charter reservations by our passengers! Also, pilots can submit any route they would like to fly through our website!

We have a Teamspeak 3 Channel! Our website has unmatched social connectivity! Instant message other pilots, send friend requests, post on their profile and completely customize your own profile!

At Mirage Executive Charters va, we have a passion for aviation. Many of our pilots are real world pilots as well, with decades of flying experience. If you want to be apart of a great virtual airline and a friendly community, join us today!

Thank you and I hope to fly with you soon!

Jonathan Enger
CEO/Owner Mirage Executive Charters va – MECva


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