WestWind Airlines Releases First Ever Newsletter

It is my pleasure to announce the release of the first edition of the “WestWind Monthly”. This is a new newsletter which is designed to help the WestWind pilot and the flight simulation community as a whole with knowing all that is happening within WestWind Airlines for each month. Sections include monthly stats from WestWind, all the news from the month, some aviation humor, upcoming events and contests, a spotlight on the latest screenshot competition winner, the new hires from the month, classifieds with all the available management jobs within WestWind, notes from management, and ads from our hubs. Future editions will have even more!

If you have any questions or comments regarding the newsletter, please email the WestWind marketing team at

About WestWind
WestWind Virtual Airlines is an international online organization dedicated to promoting aviation through simulation. It offers real world pilots the opportunity to inexpensively maintain their piloting skills and provides people who are interested in aviation a chance to learn the skills that are required to pursue a career in aviation. WestWind began operations in 1996 and is one of the oldest virtual airlines in existence. It has members all over the world with management concentrations in The United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. WestWind is an all volunteer organization with a strong management core.

For more information, see our web site at


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