US Airways Virtual Opening Event Announcement

Lets make our spot in the VA World! As we kick off a great upcoming year for Virtual US Airways! On 6/10/12 at 5PM MTN, We will be flying from Phoenix (KPHX) to San Francisco (KSFO). This event has no CAT restrictions.

To be able to get prizes YOU MUST sign up under the events tab!

Preferred routing: BTY J92 OAL MOD3

Prizes: 3 Pilots will receive one BluePrint Scenery for either FSX : FS9

We are also looking for pilots! US Airways Virtual is open to everyone! All you need is a Valid VATSIM ID and you’re in. vAWE provides a realistic yet fun environment to simulate Real world US Airways Operations.

We are accepting Pilot Applications, if you are brand new to flight simulation or experienced, we welcome all.

Come Visit us at today!


Taylor Welka


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