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This summer EuroHarmony VA has added a new element to our WILD bush flying division – water! Our new Twin Otter floatplane equips aspiring bush pilots to explore stunning scenery without needing a base on land at all! These new routes have extended the WILD Division network from our bush flying base in Castlegar, British Columbia all the way into Alaska’s breathtaking panhandle region. We also provide a Bush Pilot’s Manual to help newbies learn how this style of flying differs from scheduled airline operations and with plenty of guidance & links to develop your skills. So if you’d like to expand your sim flying horizons this summer, why not visit and go WILD?

EuroHarmony VA is an eleven year old friendly and relaxed virtual airline where we believe choices and fun are more important than strict rules. We offer pilots scheduled airline ops, three specialist Divisions, a bush flying arm, global sightseeing tours, challenging Missions with a huge choice of planes and our own flight logging software and unique ProPilot flight feedback system.

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