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Eastern Airlines Virtual promotes Dave Mahoney to V.P. of Routes and Fleet Management

Dave has been with Eastern Airlines Virtual for 10 years now and has been our Hub Manager at KDCA.  After doing a wonderful job for us as a hub manager, we are confident that he will do well in his new position.  Richard Smith did a great job for Eastern in this position since 2008.  Richard will be working with Dave for the next few weeks to help him get started.  When Dave gets up to speed, we expect new and exciting routes to fly.

As Dave Mahoney steps up to his new position, Robert Smith will be our new Hub Manager at KDCA.

Gabriel Donate has also been promoted to Hub Manager to our Chicago hub.

Eastern Airlines Virtual is getting ready to begin it’s 14th year next month.  Our senior management staff will continue to work hard to keep Eastern running strong for the years to come.  We also have some of the most dedicated pilots around, keeping Eastern Airlines Virtual ranked #1 in the VAFS power rankings.

Please visit and see how we earn our wings, everyday!

Patrick Signs
Public Relations Officer
Eastern Airlines Virtual


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