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Caal Airways Monthly Report for August 2012

Well another month has passed and what a month it was.  We held our first birthday event which went well although I would have liked a few more pilots to join in, but it was still a good night anyway.

Our figures are impressive for August. We recorded 126 pireps which is the highest monthly count Caal Airways has ever had , so well done for that. We had 6 new pilots join our ranks who are all very welcome indeed.  Congratulations to Mike Bow who had the highest number of flights which was 46.  Well done Mike.

There are still a few staff positions to fill. One which I am eager to fill is the Clover Flight Editor.  A pilot has expressed an interest in this position, but I am open to  all volunteers as I would like to get this monthly magazine up and running.

Brian has been working hard in the respray hanger and a few new aircraft has been released.  Thanks to him for his continued help and his secretive ways :)

I will finish now by thanking you all for your continued support and lets have another successful year as we build Caal Airways and make it one of the best Virtual Airlines on the web.

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