Buffalo Airways CL215 Delivery Tour

The Turkish government has leased two of the Buffalo “Ducks” for their upcoming fire season but first they need delivering from Yellowknife (CYZF) Canada to Antalya (LTAI) Turkey

Starting in Yellowknife (CYZF) we head out west. After three stops in Canada we find ourselves in St Johns (CYYT) Newfoundland ready to make our way north to Greenland. After a brief stop in Narsarsuaq (BGBW) we then make our way to Keflavikurflugvollur (BIKF) Iceland, be sure to watch the outside temperature on these legs the CL215 is not designed to be operated in freezing conditions so be sure to avoid any icing at all costs. Once rested in Iceland it’s time to start heading south as we head to Prestwick (EGPK) Scotland. After taking in the beautiful sights of Scotland we continue south to the relative warmth of Nantes (LFRS) France. Once full on some of Frances famous cuisine it’s time to head west to Dubrovnik (LDDU) Croatia. It’s been a long trip but we have reached the last leg of the tour with a flight south west to Antalya (LTAI) Turkey passing Albania and Greece on the way.

In total we will have 10 legs to cover a total distance of 7451nm using CL215 registration FAYU, with speeds around 180Mph the tour should take somewhere in the vicinity of 42 Hours flying to complete.

If these sounds like your kind of thing come and check us out.


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