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Buffalo Airways Virtual October Tour

October has arrived and while Canada and most of the northern hemisphere brace themselves for the snow and biting winds of winter the virtual ice pilots head to South Africa for some better weather.

Starting in Cape Town (FACT) we then follow the coast to the East visiting George (FAGG), Port Elizabeth (FAPE) and East London (FAEL) before heading north. After visiting Durban (FADN) we leave South Africa and head into Zimbabwe and land in Livingstone(FLLI)  Zambia. After stopping in Zambia we head west crossing into Botswana. After admiring the un-spoilt beauty of Botswana we continue west into Nambia. Once we reach the coast its time to start heading south again visiting Luderitz (FYLZ). We continue south arriving back in Cape Town in time to get the overnight flight back to Canada to brave the winter, or maybe just use the rest of the month to plan our next warm trip.

In total we will have 17 legs to cover a total distance of 3130nm using the iconic DC-3, with speeds around 170knots the tour should take somewhere in the vicinity of 19 Hours flying to complete.

If this sounds like your kind of thing come and check us out.


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