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Canadian Xpress December Fly-In: White Christmas

Every year at this time, we always ask the same question for the Holidays: Will we have a white Christmas? Well here at Canadian Xpress® we can provide snow, wind, fog and everything else!

Canadian Xpress® would like to invite all pilots to join us for our December fly-in on Saturday, December 15th at 21h00est (02h00z) where we depart from Bellingham Washington (KBLI), we will head north to Ketchikan Alaska (PAKT) for a spectacular approach in probable heavy precipitation conditions!

This is an open invitation to all pilots no matter what your flying experience to attend this Canadian Xpress® sponsored event that will be flown on the VATSIM network.

More information regarding this event including operational details, charts, optional add-on scenery and the Canadian Xpress SB Model Set can be viewed by visiting or by directly downloading our Fly-In document here.

See you all on Saturday the 15th!


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