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EuroHarmony VA Announces DC-3 Event Across Southeast Asia

EuroHarmony VA presents our latest ProPilot Event – “Tropical Traders”! Starting on 21st December in Singapore, the Event consists of 22 flights using the venerable DC-3 to follow ancient and modern trade routes across the dramatic landscapes and beautiful shorelines of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and on to New Zealand. Visiting short island airstrips as well as international airports in a region known for challenging weather, this Event promises drama and excitement in the most popular of old aircraft! Our unique ProPilot flight recording and assessment system means that our Gooney Bird pilots need to fly skilfully too so if you’d like to add an exotic challenge to your flying adventures this Christmas, visit us at and sign up today!

EuroHarmony VA is an eleven year old friendly and relaxed virtual airline where we believe choices and fun are more important than strict rules. We offer pilots scheduled airline ops, three specialist Divisions, a bush flying arm, global sightseeing tours, challenging Missions with a huge choice of planes and our own flight logging software. We have recently added new aircraft to our Museum fleet, updated our Operations Manual and introduced WILD Division Mission flights in Scotland. If you’d like to add more variety and fun to your flying, join us at

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