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Exciting New Things, For a New Year, At Virtual Blue

New York, NY – While almost wrapping up one of the most successful years to date, CEO Petey Shivery said “We are looking forward to an even better year, a year filled with development, service, and improvement all for our pilots”. There are a lot of virtual airlines out there but we try to make this one special. We offer programs and services that are unheard of in the virtual world.

When, we look at our Technology Headquarters in Edmonton, AL. Our Chief Technology Officer Dimitri, is always working on the latest software for our pilots to use. His goal is to mix Efficiency and Design to make the job of the pilots much easier when flying. We don’t want you to worry about anything else, besides landing your plane. Dimitri has improved “In-Flight-Entertainment” system, that can make a four hour plane ride seem like 4 minutes. We would like to thank Dimitri for all the hard work in 2012 and can’t wait to see what happens in 2013.

Now when looking towards the new year, make sure you are with an organization that understands the true potential of it’s pilots. At Virtual Blue, there is never a day where we don’t think about our wonderful pilots. Think about, because we do!

Exciting New Things are happening join in today:


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