Eastern Airlines Virtual adds a new hub in Dallas-Ft. Worth

The folks at Eastern Airlines Virtual wishes all flight simmers a very happy 2013.

On January 1st,  Eastern Airlines opened up a new hub in KDFW.  This new hub will also have two satellite hubs.  One in Houston and the other in Oklahoma City.  This new hub offers new routes to domestic and international airports.   Eastern Airlines Virtual now has ten hubs in operation.

As more pilots join the rank of Eastern Airlines Virtual, new hubs will be introduced. We are one of the oldest virtual airlines on the net.  Founded in 1998,  Eastern Airlines Virtual has shown it’s resilience and continues to run strong.  Currently, we have 140 pilots flying for Eastern.  All are active pilots and love to fly.

Eastern Airlines Virtual still remains number one in the VAFS power rankings.

So if you are a veteran pilot or a beginner and want to join one of the best virtual airlines on the net, please visit   We are a family oriented airline with no strict restrictions.  Only thing we ask is that you are active which should be simple if you have a passion for flying.

Come and see how we earn our wings, everyday!


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