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Mirage Executive Charters VA Celebrates 1 Year

As of March 1st, 2013, Mirage Executive Charters VA will celebrate 1 year of operations! In our first year we have accumulated nearly 140 pilots! Our group of pilots have flown over 4000 flights for over 5400 hours in our first year!

We celebrated this event by flying on VATSIM from Mirage HQ, KSRQ Sarasota, FL to TNCM St. Maarten in our favorite MECva jets! The event took place on March 1st at 8pm EST – 5pm PST!

I wanted to take this opportunity to give tremendous thanks to our wonderful group of pilots. Your opinions and ideas have helped shape Mirage into what it is today! Our pilots and our community is our greatest strength! I also want to think our team of managers and admins for all of their tireless hours spent on improving our web site, adding routes or helping pilots! You are the BEST! I am looking forward to many more years of good times at Mirage!

Thank you!

Jonathan Enger
CEO/Owner Mirage Executive Charters va – MECva


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