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Platinum Airways sings Happy Birthday to Us

On 10 November 2009, Platinum Airways, the very virtual Open Skies airline, registered its website domain, Happy Birthday to Us, the new Destination of the Week series, visits Platinum Airways’ five unique features and five hubs.

Devising, implementing and maintaining a virtual airline is not as easy as many would think. There are literally hundreds of VAs that vie for the attention of flight simmers around the globe. For a VA to be successful, it needs to position itself carefully and to keep on reinventing itself. Happy Birthday to Us will take you through Platinum Airways’ planning and implementation phases from scratch, when its founders defined the airline’s positioning, right up to its final major policy addition, to add online flying to its default offline offering. Other subjects that will be visited, include the DOTW series the airline has hosted over the past years and Cargo and Military flights. Happy Birthday to Us will visit the airline’s five hubs: KDFW, CYVR, YPPH, EBBR and KEWR.
As usual, DOTW offers charts to be downloaded and links to scenery files. A selection of YouTube videos usually contains flight deck and ground views with landings and departures. Continue reading


Canadian Xpress 5th Anniversary Fly-In


Canadian Xpress was established on April 1st, 2009 and was officially launched on September 4th, 2009.

As part of the ongoing celebrations leading up to the 4th of September, we will be running our August Fly-In at 2 different times of the day so that all pilots that are located world-wide can celebrate this historic event.

Canadian Xpress would like to invite all pilots & virtual airlines to join us on Saturday, August 23rd at 10h00edt (14h00z) and 20h00edt (24h00z) for our August 2014 fly-in where we will travel from our training center in Moncton Airport (CYQM) to our corporate offices in Montreal (CYUL).

This is an open invitation to Continue reading




EuroHarmony VA is pleased to announce that our virtual airline has reached the ripe old age of 13! Our first flight was on 29th April 2001 and we have been offering sim-pilots a wealth of flight choices in a relaxed atmosphere ever since.

To celebrate the VA’s birthday we begin our latest ProPilot Event on 29th April, with a series of 12 flights round the globe to mark 25 years since the entry into service of the Boeing 747-400. Visiting such iconic locations as Hong Kong, Dubai and St Maarten this will be a real treat for all Jumbo pilots. In addition we have created a range of new Missions for our specialist Divisions which will go live in the next few weeks. These include a series of rescue flights, visits to hot and high airfields and a bush flyers outreach tour linked to the 2014 Brazil World Cup. So if you’re looking for new flight ideas, why not join us at where it’s all about choice!

EuroHarmony VA is a Continue reading


EuroHarmony VA Invites You to Our 12th Birthday Party!

EuroHarmony Virtual Airline marks its twelfth birthday on Monday 29th April and to mark such an achievement in the VA world we have planned a series of twelve new features and events over the coming months. On our birthday we begin the celebrations with a challenging fly-in over the mountains of the Peruvian Andes which will lead us to Arequipa, Peru – the first airport in our brand new Tour of the Amazon. The South American theme will continue with new flights across the continent and the introduction of a brand new plane from South America’s own Aerospace giant – Embraer. We will also be celebrating the most notable events of the past twelve years in the aerospace world with a set of Special Missions for our EuroBusiness Division. Add to that an imminent upgrade to our in house Flight Logger software, a special summer ProPilot Event, further Divisions Missions and a screenshot competition and you can begin to see what’s kept this virtual airline fresh and new for the last 12 years!

EuroHarmony VA is a friendly and relaxed virtual airline formed in April 2001. We believe choices and fun are more important than strict rules & offer pilots scheduled airline ops, three specialist Divisions, a bush flying arm, global sightseeing tours, challenging Missions with a huge choice of planes and our own flight logging software and unique ProPilot flight feedback system.

To find out more and join the party, click over to



One full year since foundation and numbers give a us a clue that we are on the right way.
We completely reworked our routing system to better follow requests from our 500 active pilots.
We improved the graphic side of the site to better reflect our real counterpart standards.
Third place on Va-list for two months in a row.
High attendance on our delivery flights to let us pilots experience a transoceanic flight in a 737-800.
More than three online fly ins scheduled for March.
And more will come….
We are also seeking to better achieve our goals some aviation devoted people to enlarge our staff.
Come and check recruitment and careers opportunity!

Visit Virtual Ryanair online @:


Mirage Executive Charters VA Celebrates 1 Year

As of March 1st, 2013, Mirage Executive Charters VA will celebrate 1 year of operations! In our first year we have accumulated nearly 140 pilots! Our group of pilots have flown over 4000 flights for over 5400 hours in our first year!

We celebrated this event by flying on VATSIM from Mirage HQ, KSRQ Sarasota, FL to TNCM St. Maarten in our favorite MECva jets! The event took place on March 1st at 8pm EST – 5pm PST!

I wanted to take this opportunity to give tremendous thanks to our wonderful group of pilots. Your opinions and ideas have helped shape Mirage into what it is today! Our pilots and our community is our greatest strength! I also want to think our team of managers and admins for all of their tireless hours spent on improving our web site, adding routes or helping pilots! You are the BEST! I am looking forward to many more years of good times at Mirage!

Thank you!

Jonathan Enger
CEO/Owner Mirage Executive Charters va – MECva


Virtual Ryanair A Growth That Never Ends

Will be one full year this month and we hit the maximum of 170 new pilot applications in January.
2700 scheduled flights, 600 active pilots who have flown more than 2500 flights in a month for 5564 hrs.
80 flights daily on average with a Sunday peak of 125 in Jan.
Four online events in a month with Vatsim and Ivao.
To pay back our pilots we created a new routing system generator that further optimizes our Flight Operation Center.
We also updated our kAcars to version 1.2 and our exclusive Crew Dock to ver 5.4.
Visitors are welcome


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