Virtual Ryanair A Growth That Never Ends

Will be one full year this month and we hit the maximum of 170 new pilot applications in January.
2700 scheduled flights, 600 active pilots who have flown more than 2500 flights in a month for 5564 hrs.
80 flights daily on average with a Sunday peak of 125 in Jan.
Four online events in a month with Vatsim and Ivao.
To pay back our pilots we created a new routing system generator that further optimizes our Flight Operation Center.
We also updated our kAcars to version 1.2 and our exclusive Crew Dock to ver 5.4.
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Virtual Ryan Air celebrates 430 Active Pilots

Six months after his foundation by CEO Thomas Zaniboni, former executive of CargoItalia Virtual, Virtualryanair celebrates today is 430th active pilot.

With the enormous rate of 4 new pilots registration daily and collecting 70 Pireps daily on average, looks like we are becoming a phenomena exactly the way has been for our real counterpart.

With more than 2100 scheduled flights, with Crew dock, an innovative way to assign flights with real routes daily aligned with Eurocontrol database, plus a unique scoring system, for each flight report submitted are most fascinating features of the company.

You are all invited to pass by and check what’s hot in 2013 agenda.


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