EuroHarmony VA is pleased to announce that our virtual airline has reached the ripe old age of 13! Our first flight was on 29th April 2001 and we have been offering sim-pilots a wealth of flight choices in a relaxed atmosphere ever since.

To celebrate the VA’s birthday we begin our latest ProPilot Event on 29th April, with a series of 12 flights round the globe to mark 25 years since the entry into service of the Boeing 747-400. Visiting such iconic locations as Hong Kong, Dubai and St Maarten this will be a real treat for all Jumbo pilots. In addition we have created a range of new Missions for our specialist Divisions which will go live in the next few weeks. These include a series of rescue flights, visits to hot and high airfields and a bush flyers outreach tour linked to the 2014 Brazil World Cup. So if you’re looking for new flight ideas, why not join us at where it’s all about choice!

EuroHarmony VA is a thirteen year old friendly and relaxed virtual airline where we believe choices and fun are more important than strict rules. We offer pilots scheduled airline ops, three specialist Divisions, a bush flying arm, global sightseeing tours, challenging Missions with a huge choice of planes and our own flight logging software and unique ProPilot (TM) flight feedback system. We support FSX, FS2004 and X-Plane pilots.”

Many thanks as ever for your support.

EHM-1465 Dominic Mahon
EuroHarmony VA Management Team


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