Platinum Airways sings Happy Birthday to Us

On 10 November 2009, Platinum Airways, the very virtual Open Skies airline, registered its website domain, Happy Birthday to Us, the new Destination of the Week series, visits Platinum Airways’ five unique features and five hubs.

Devising, implementing and maintaining a virtual airline is not as easy as many would think. There are literally hundreds of VAs that vie for the attention of flight simmers around the globe. For a VA to be successful, it needs to position itself carefully and to keep on reinventing itself. Happy Birthday to Us will take you through Platinum Airways’ planning and implementation phases from scratch, when its founders defined the airline’s positioning, right up to its final major policy addition, to add online flying to its default offline offering. Other subjects that will be visited, include the DOTW series the airline has hosted over the past years and Cargo and Military flights. Happy Birthday to Us will visit the airline’s five hubs: KDFW, CYVR, YPPH, EBBR and KEWR.
As usual, DOTW offers charts to be downloaded and links to scenery files. A selection of YouTube videos usually contains flight deck and ground views with landings and departures.

About Platinum Airways:
Keen to deliver on its mission to keep the fun in the hobby, Platinum Airways is probably the only virtual airline to combine an Open Skies policy, allowing its pilots to fly any mission of their choice with the aircraft of their choice at the time of their choice, with a strategic hub network. The carefully selected hubs, Newark (KEWR), Dallas-Fort Worth (KDFW), Vancouver (CYVR), Perth (YPPH) and Brussels (EBBR), should be attractive to a global membership. In addition, Platinum Airways offers its pilots an often cheeky Destination of the Week, Military and Cargo. Sticking to the KISS principle (Keep It Straight and Simple), Platinum Airways hosts an active forum and a screenshot of the week competition, with the winner providing the main picture on its home page for the next week.

For more information, please visit or mail info [at]


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