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EuroHarmony VA Invites You to Our 12th Birthday Party!

EuroHarmony Virtual Airline marks its twelfth birthday on Monday 29th April and to mark such an achievement in the VA world we have planned a series of twelve new features and events over the coming months. On our birthday we begin the celebrations with a challenging fly-in over the mountains of the Peruvian Andes which will lead us to Arequipa, Peru – the first airport in our brand new Tour of the Amazon. The South American theme will continue with new flights across the continent and the introduction of a brand new plane from South America’s own Aerospace giant – Embraer. We will also be celebrating the most notable events of the past twelve years in the aerospace world with a set of Special Missions for our EuroBusiness Division. Add to that an imminent upgrade to our in house Flight Logger software, a special summer ProPilot Event, further Divisions Missions and a screenshot competition and you can begin to see what’s kept this virtual airline fresh and new for the last 12 years!

EuroHarmony VA is a friendly and relaxed virtual airline formed in April 2001. We believe choices and fun are more important than strict rules & offer pilots scheduled airline ops, three specialist Divisions, a bush flying arm, global sightseeing tours, challenging Missions with a huge choice of planes and our own flight logging software and unique ProPilot flight feedback system.

To find out more and join the party, click over to


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