Introducing Garuda Indonesia Virtual

Garuda Indonesia Virtual (GIV) is a Virtual Airline Only for FS2004 (FS9) or FSX platform user & we are not affiliate with real world Garuda Indonesia. Simulated real national airlines operating in Indonesia. Our philosophy is to ensure the realism as much as possible within the limits of Flight Simulator aspect. Created by simmer and real pilot who wants to create a new federative community, real and virtual pilots. This community was intend & created to fill the gap between real world and virtual aviation airlines, as well as simulate airlines flight operation in Indonesia. But that’s just the beginning of many other features we have.We also create a fun environment to learn, exchange and fly!

Between 2011 Р2013, Garuda Indonesia Virtual maintain their position as a leading virtual airline in Indonesia & Asia with  more than 300 pilots, of which 95% active, more than 35.000 flights & 5.425.934 hours logged. Several major improvement has been implement with a very details statistic as you can access in here

- Modern airline fleet.
- Entry Exam System.
- GIV ACARs system.
- GIV Manual Validation System (MPS)
- GIV Aircraft Type Rating Restriction.
- GIV Aircraft Loadsheet system.
- Virtual Remote Training System (VRTS)
- Detail & accurate airline statistic.
- Detail & accurate pilot profile statistic.
- Details NOTAM, SWind Chart & SIG WX briefing
- Dispatch System for every single flight.
- Accurate Fuel Calculation.
- Manual validation system.
- Booking mode with the complete timetable.
- Callsign restriction.
- Integration forum module.
- Gallery module & status indicator.
- HUB system.
- LiveBoard system.
- LiveACARs system.
- Daily departure/arrival time operation.
- Leave Application services
- 24’7 staff services.
- Many more.

Question for you :
- Do you interesting to simulate the real world operation & pilot career?
- Are you a dedicated Flight Simulation enthusiast?
- Are you looking for a federative and virtual aviation community?
- Are you ready for take a step closer with a most challenges operation as a virtual pilot?

We try to provides members with a fully automated Virtual Airline Environment and is designed for advanced levels of Flight Simulator fans!


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