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Introducing Seulawah Virtual!

Seulawah Virtual is a new established VA originating from Indonesia.  They opened their doors and began operations on June 28th, 2013.  Seulawah Virtual is the virtual counterpoint to Seulawah NAD Air which ceased operations due to financial problems.  Seulawah was a local carrier who had flights within the Western part of Indonesia and also had flights to Malaysia.

In September 2002 the  Seulawah NAD Air, ICAO: NAD, callsign: Seulawah, was launched by the provicianal goverment of Aceh and operated its two Boeing 737-200 aircraft.  As of January 2005 Seulawah Nad Air operated services linking Banda Aceh with Medan, Jakarta and Penang in Malaysia and later to cities in the east of Indonesia.

To commemorate this airliner we decided to setup “Seulawah Virtual”.
We are a virtual airline based in the special region of Aceh, Nanggroe Aceh Darusalam (NAD) province, Indonesia with the capital, Banda Aceh.

The name of “Seulawah”
On June 16, 1948 at “Hotel Kutaraja” in Banda Aceh, late President Sukarno managed to arouse the patriotism of the people of Aceh. Through a committee they collected donations from the people of Aceh which total is equivalent to 20 kg of gold. These funds were used to purchase a Dakota aircraft. The Dakota donated by the people of Aceh was later named Dakota RI-001 Seulawah. The name “Seulawah” is originated from “Mount Seulawah” a mountain in the province of NAD.

RI-001 Dakota “Seulawah” become the embryo to the establishment of the first Indonesian commercial airline, “Indonesian Airways”. The presence of RI-001 Dakota Seulawah encourage the opening of the flight path of the Java-Sumatra, even abroad. In November 1948, late Vice President Mohammad Hatta traveled around Sumatera from Maguwo-Payakumbuh-Kutaraja-Payakumbuh-Maguwo. In early December 1948 Dakota RI-001 aircraft departed from the air base Maguwo to Kutaraja and on December 6, 1948 bound for Calcutta, India.  In 1948 a monument located at Blang Padang field, Banda Aceh was inaugurated. This monument is a symbol of the people of Aceh contribution for the RI-001 Dakota aircraft Seulawah.

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