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Virtual United Airlines Press Release for November 2013

CHICAGO, IL – vUnited is in the final stretch of 2013 and we want to thank you for staying with us in the first operating year of the virtual community. It has been a busy fall for the virtual airline as we have launched several new programs including: weekly fly-in’s, charters, vUnited Executive Platinum, and our Go Forward Plan 2014. Let’s get started!

Our community appears to still be growing as we now have ~250 ACTIVE pilots and ~40 PIREPS per day. Just as a reminder this marks the half-way point to our 500 pilot cap so join now before we have to close the registration! We will also be launching a new recruitment campaign which will likely double transferable hours and a starting balance of 10,000+ vUnited Reward Points!

Our events department has been busy at work planning both major and minor events for our members. vUnited pilots can enjoy a wide range of weekly fly-in’s over the VATSIM network. The next major event for vUnited is Christmas in Chicago (December 15, 2013). Even if you are not a pilot, we invite you to come join us at O’Hare Airport that day for a chance to win several prizes from our generous partners. Sponsors will include: REX Game Studios, Aerosoft, Majestic Simulations, BluePrint Simulations & more!

Want the flexibility of creating your own charter flights and equally rewarding points program? With our Executive Platinum Rewards program, you can ‘purchase’ your own flights through our pilot shop. Say you want to fly your new PMDG 777 from two city pairs not in the schedule, now you can with our new rewards program!

vUnited has also announced that we are going to be hiring several new members including: Domicile Managers, Editors and Writers for vUnited Contrails, and more! Please visit to apply!

The 2014 Go Forward Plan will itemize all of our short term and long term goals for the coming year. This will include: the vUnited Pilot Council, web/ACARS development, staff training programs, and more! We will be releasing the detailed version of the Go Forward Plan this coming week to the community.

Thanks for your continued support and we hope you chose to come fly with us if you aren’t already a member here!

“Moving the World of Virtual Aviation Forward”


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