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Announcing DLH Virtual Group!

DLH Virtual Group is proudly based off of a pretty well known German Airline, I would just like to introduce the airline and who we are and what are mission is as a virtual airline. We are made up of pilots all over the world who have been in previous virtual airlines and real life flight operations, and new guys who want to learn aviation and the joy of flying. Everyday we grow larger and with the increase in pilots our operations have grown larger, we are happy to provide our pilots with a custom kACARS and phpVMS so they can do their part in the operations at DLH Virtual.

Our mission is to provide the best possible DLH Virtual as we can, we try and be serious at DLH Virtual Group but we also know fun is a must to keep our pilots happy and bringing them back. As of right now we offer many tours around Germany, and around the World. We’ve also integrated a few code share flights and aircraft from partners with DLH Virtual Group, we offer routes from 30 minutes to 12 hours long. Our founder built this virtual airline to stand the test of time and we want new pilots to know that we stay true to our rules, so don’t think you can join and sit around and do nothing to earn that spot and title as a DLH Virtual Group Pilot.

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