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FedEx Virtual Airlines Re-Launching

FedEx Virtual Airlines is a forerunner in the flight simulation community. Here we offer enthusiasts an immersive experience into the world of virtual aviation. Boasting an impressive fleet and diverse community you can’t go wrong with FedEx Virtual Airlines. We at FedEx Virtual Airlines are constantly at the forefront of innovation allowing our crew members to explore the globe and learn skills both in and out of the cockpit. FedEx Virtual Airlines is always looking for flight simulator enthusiasts so feel free to apply today! FedEx Virtual Airlines provides a professional and fun environment that aims at constantly attracting and retaining a diverse group of individuals within the flight simulation community. We do this by continuously making strides to offer the best possible experience to our members.

FedEx Virtual Airlines aims to provide a user-friendly environment with continuous support from our whole community. We strive to offer the best services available to our unique selection of pilots. We also provide the necessary tools to succeed in the cockpit. Some of our commitments to our pilots include but are not limited to :

Becoming the most active / largest FedEx Virtual Airlines.
Providing a up to-date website system and ACARs platform.
Consistently adding accurate flight routes.
Hosting an active community for pilots to engage in.
Maintaining a visually appealing website and ACARs design.
Encouraging continued success throughout our whole program.

What sets us apart :

Our active staff and support.
Our quick and reliable software.
Our fun environment to succeed in.


Edmund K. (FDX001)


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