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Caal Airways Monthly Update for April 2014


It has been about six months since the last release of “Clover Flight Magazine” and the airline has seen many changes. Many new pilots have joined our ranks. Also some pilots have taken the opportunity to become P1 and P2 rated pilots with our Vatsim training. We welcome all our new pilots and congratulate our Trained ones. Sadly some bad news, Due to lack of revenue and increasing running costs, Our FAJS Hub in South Africa had to be disbanded and the aircraft utilized on other routes. The airline still services SA. with all routes still in service but flown on a “as required ” basis. Stansted has also seen some changes and all passenger flight have been cancelled. Mail flights will continue and a new heavy haulage aircraft has been employed to cater for the new operations. The combining of our two hubs in Ireland into one district has proven to be a winner with many new flights now available, both short and long haul. Fleet changes have been made with some aircraft being retired and some into storage or kept for parts. I have no doubt we will be seeing some more modern aircraft in the future. Caal Airways is a growing virtual airline and is always on the lookout for prospective pilots. Why not come and visit us and take the next step and start your career with us.

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