Introducing – Vatsim Flight Tracking and Statistics Website!

vatstatslogoI just noticed this post on VATSIM’s forums and had to share. – Lindle

On Monday at 1300Z we’ll be opening the beta iteration of a new flight tracking and pilot statistics website,

Current feature list:

  • Current network users
  • Total flights logged per day
  • Flight map
  • Latest arrivals and departures


  • Search by pilot name or ID
  • Search by callsign
  • Search by airport and airport pair

List pilot statistics

  • Lists pilot’s latest flight routes
  • Displays VAs that a pilot most frequently flies for
  • Show a pilot’s most frequently used aircraft

Display specific flight

  • Lists a flights logged departure, destination, altitude, aircraft and flight times
  • Displays pilot name
  • Shows datapoints with location, airspeed and height (data logged every 5 minutes)
  • Shows map with visualised route

List airport details

  • Lists latest arrivals and departures from airport
  • Displays an airports most frequent airlines and aircraft

Airport pair searching

  • Lists latest arrivals and departures with a destination airport that is one of the pair


  • Dynamic search
  • ATC tracking
  • Registered user features like mailed flight reports and buddy/friends system with tracking
  • General overview (Aka ‘Global Statistics’)

A little bit from us:
We’re releasing this site as an ‘early access’ beta for anyone that really wants to get a feel for a website that will be under heavy, very proactive development for the next couple of months. As such, we appreciate any input possible and have indeed included a link on all pages for anyone that wants to suggest new features or report pesky bugs; we really hope this is something the community can actively contribute towards, as we do realise that not everything will be right straight off-the-bat.

We are not affiliated with All code is our own, although some of the basic vataware features were used as inspiration for our work.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll be here to answer any questions.

The Vatstats team.


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