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VATCAN Presents Moncton Monday – Weekly Fly-In

MonctonMonday UTC-3Moncton Monday is VATCAN’s longest running weekly event, providing full-coverage ATC every Monday night, beginning at 2200z, encompassing over six terminal controlled airports, and dozens of smaller fields.

Each Monday, airports including Halifax (CYHZ), Moncton (CYQM), St. John’s (CYYT), and Gander (CYQX), will be staffed from top to bottom, including Moncton Centre, in a fun and relaxed Monday night.

All kinds of traffic, whether VFR or IFR, airplane or helicopter, are welcome and pilots of all skill levels are invited.

Come and fly our friendly skies!


Introducing – Vatsim Flight Tracking and Statistics Website!

vatstatslogoI just noticed this post on VATSIM’s forums and had to share. – Lindle

On Monday at 1300Z we’ll be opening the beta iteration of a new flight tracking and pilot statistics website,

Current feature list:

  • Current network users
  • Total flights logged per day
  • Flight map
  • Latest arrivals and departures Continue reading

Montreal & Moncton FIRs Announce Lobster Route Vatsim Event

Montreal & Moncton FIRs invite all pilots to join them on Thursday, February 7th between 19h00est-23h00est (00h00z-04h00z) on the VATSIM network and fly between the Quebec (CYQB) and Moncton (CYQM) on the Lobster Route.

This event between Moncton (CYQM) and Quebec City (CYQB) is all about recognizing the fact that the maritimes export more than 3 billion dollars of Lobster each year around the world. Quebec City restaurants are among the lobster buyers.

For this flight, they suggest small aircraft such as the Cessna 185, Beechcraft 1900 or any Continue reading


VATSIM Event: FAT Tuesday in ZHU!

Mardi Gras, “Fat Tuesday”, is the last day of the Carnival season and ZHU will be fully staffing KMSY Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. We invite everyone to come fly in or out and experience the excitement of Mardi Gras!


VATSIM Event: Friday Night Ops – Never Dull at Dulles Feb 10, 2012

Bring in the heavies for the Feb. 10 FNO at ZDC’s Washington Dulles International Airport. Visitors from all over the country and the world will be flying into the Washington DC area for National Black History month and Frederick Douglass’ 193 birthday celebration. Help them get here safely and on time.

Day: February 10th, 2012
Time: 1900-2300 local, 0000-0400z
Place: KIAD

Preferred Arrivals:

From the North & East:

From the Continue reading


VATSIM EVENT: Thursday, January 26, 2012 – Houston Winter Rodeos

Join ZHU this month as we bring you “Houston Winter Rodeos!” This week: Thursday, January 26th from 2300-0200z Houston will be fully staffed! All flights and all pilots are welcome. Don’t forget your cowboy hats!


VATSIM EVENT: ZOB & ZDC Present Regional Crossfire!

Heavy traffic between Pittsburgh and Washington.

Join ZOB and ZDC as they host the Regional Crossfire event on January 13  from 2300Z to 0300Z.

Regional airlines are full of fierce competition to provide the most miles at the lowest cost to it’s passengers and now they’re looking for you to help! The event will feature the Pittsburgh International and Washington Reagan airports, two of the more prominent regional airports in the area.

All aircraft are welcome to fly in, but it is encouraged that you fly between the two. We’ll see you Continue reading


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