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Canadian Xpress May Fly-In – Mount St. Helens


On May 18th, 1980 at 8:32pst, Mount St. Helens after 2 months of increased seismic activity, catastrophically erupted. The eruption triggered an earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale causing the North face to collapse into the Columbia River basin and reducing the mountain’s summit elevation from 9,677 ft to 8,365 ft.

By 17:30pst that evening after more than 9 hours of a vigorous plume of ash, reaching 16 miles above seas level, the ash column began to decline. On that day 34 years ago this month, Mount St. Helens released 24 megatons of thermal energy, 1.5 tons of sulfur dioxide and 2.8 cubic kilometers of debris. Sadly the event also killed 57 people, and nearly 7000 big game animals from the mountain area.

Canadian Xpress would like to invite all pilots to join us on Saturday, May 17th at 21h00edt (Sunday 01h00z) for our May 2014 fly-in where we are going to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in this tragic event and fly from Denver (KDEN) to Seattle (KSEA).

This is an open invitation to all pilots no matter what your flying experience to attend this Canadian Xpress sponsored event that will be flown on the VATSIM network.

More information regarding this event including operational details, charts, optional add-on scenery and the Canadian Xpress Model Sets can be viewed by visiting or by directly downloading our Fly-In document here.

See you all on Saturday the 17th!


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