Virtual United Airlines Staff Changes


Virtual United Airlines ( is excited to announce changes and improvements to our community in an effort to provide the best experience possible for our current members, and to share the Virtual United experience with non-members as well. Change is not always negative, and in our case, it’s a great thing. We believe change is making the appropriate decisions and alterations in order to improve and become better. We recognized that in order to lead the world of virtual aviation, we had to improve. That’s what we’re doing.

The following changes will be seen immediately:

Our Founder, Robert Sayles, has returned as CEO and will be involved in all day-to-day operations. His vision for our community is greatly needed and his leadership will take our community to new heights.

Michael Hendon has returned to the Management Team as COO. Michael has had much experience in the virtual airline community and with Virtual United, and is eager to help lead these changes and facilitate our progress.

These major management realignments, along with others, such as the hiring of an events director and creation of a new communications and marketing department, are much needed improvements. Our community’s progress has already become evident and we’re excited about the future.

We’d also like to announce our ACARS Beta Testing program. A Beta team such as this has never existed at Virtual United as it will allow community members to give direct feedback to our ACARS Manager, Keith Lovell, as he perfects vuACARS 3.0 so that, upon its release, it meets the standards of our members. A common theme within Virtual United is providing the best experience for our members, and our ACARS Beta Testing program is consistent with that theme.

Lastly, we’ve hired a Director of Events, Eric Kollat. Mr. Kollat has been charged with energizing our community through online (VATSIM) events, both planned and impromptu. Our most important goal for Eric is that our community always has opportunities to become involved with each other, and that our Teamspeak server, forums, and our social media pages are just another avenue for our members to interact and plan impromptu events with each other. We have no doubt that he will accomplish this goal, and that he will be a perfect fit in his new role.

These changes come with the whole support of our Management Team, as well as our community members. We’re proud of the heights Virtual United has already reached, and we’re excited for the new heights that we are quickly approaching. Of course, we always have room to grow, progress to make, and we invite you to join us! Visit us at and experience what it means to be a Virtual United member.

Blue skies!

Tyler McBee
Executive VP of Corporate Communications & Marketing

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