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Channel Express Virtual News Update – December 2014

ChannelExpressChannel Express Virtual is continuing to evolve and growing in all the right direction’s and still a great number of changes have taken place since our last report the most significant being the vastly updated website which has many new functions added to it, hopefully this will expand the flight simulator experience further.

The work has been carried out by our newest member to join us, Andy who has given us a website we can be truly proud of, we now have a Operations manager for Flyglobespan, this has been filled by another long serving member Jack and we wish him all the best in his new role.

We have introduced another new airline Channel Airways which operates from EICK Cork International at the moment this only operates a fleet of 5 aircraft but there is plenty room for expansion at a later date.

Our pilots ages range from 18 – 50+ and some have many Years of experience with Flight Simulator’s of all types we also have a few former real life airline crew members within our ranks, so a wealth of knowledge is available to those who wish to learn.

We continue to show our presence on most media and download sites,for example FS2crew, PAD  and of course right here on, we now have an alliance with Fly Goconnect which grants us the opportunity to fly online by using Team Speak and linking both FS9 & FSX, so we can fly together visually too, which is Great fun and at times highly amusing.   and of course not forgetting, Facebook where we have quite a significant following

Our ranking in the VA List and VA Central continue to improve at a steady rate but consistent although, VA Central is not functioning at the moment so nothing can be done about that one as yet.

We can be found here

Many Thanks
Regards Brian Mason
Managing Director
Channel Express Virtual


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