Flight1 Software Announces Official Release of Ground Environment X Australia and Antarctica

GEX Australia and Antarctica is the final region that completes the GEX World System. It provides regional coverage of Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and New Guinea. This product will also include arctic locations such as Iceland/Greenland as well as added support for FSX Steam Edition.

Images of the new GEX AA region may be viewed here:

The GEX Australia and Antarctica product comes with a free update to GEX North America v2.0 with older versions of GEX NA installed (requires NA version v1.096-1.099) Images for this bonus update may be reviewed here:

Information about seasonal pricing for all GEX regions may be viewed here:

For detailed information on this releases and any assistance you may need, please visit the Flight1 web site page for the GEX region products or the GEX support forum.

* Australia and Antarctica Flight1 Product page:

* Information regarding updates of all GEX product can be found here:


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