Announcing Universal Airways


Universal Airways is a new airline with a new idea. Universal Airways is not bound by any specific route network, instead we operate as a community of airlines so you can fly where you want, when you want. We use resources commonly used by the flight simulator to make it easier to get flying. We utilize phpvms to record flights via an Acars program of your choice. If you are are the social type, we also provide a Teamspeak where you can hangout and get to know other pilots. Currently we guarantee weekly events hosted by us or our partners. The best part is that through all this growing that we will expect, many positions will open up giving you opportunity a  to join the ranks of our staff.

Currently we offer route networks of Southwest Airlines, Ryan Air, and InterJet, giving you a huge amount of flights to choose from. Future Airlines are coming with even bigger jets such as Qantas and British Airways.

Universal Airways – We are not just an airline, but a community

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