UKVirtual’s Overhauls Schedule

UKVirtual“UKVirtual is proud to announce a complete schedule overhaul from now till the end of may. UKVirtual currently has thirty three airlines, with over four thousand available real world schedules available for pilots (along with charter mode for un scheduled flights) . The overhaul will see the schedule base double, with new bases for existing airlines along with two new airlines from June, Norwegian Air Shuttle and Turkish Airlines.

To start of the update, UKVirtual is proud to announce two completed airlines available now. American airlines from Miami, with 103 destinations and Air Canada from Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver with 86 destinations. At UKVirtual you have the ability to fly any schedule, any aircraft at any time, the freedom of choice is with the pilot.

For more information or help email ryan : “” , and take a look at what we have to offer at

- Ryan Boulton – Lear”


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