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Sky Blue Radio – FS In Focus Show Welcomes ELITE Sim Centers!

ad_banner_smallSky Blue Radio presents a new and exciting edition of FS InFocus, when host DJ Roto Moto and co-host Tom Mathieu welcomes Lauren Brown from ELITE Sim Centers on September 12th at 1800 Zulu!

Lauren Brown is a Commercial-Instrument Airplane pilot who has been flying since the age of 15 in Central Florida. She has been with ELITE Simulation Solutions for 2 years and in that time helped with the creation of ELITE Sim Centers; which she now operates full time as Executive Director. Lauren also leads courses on a variety of advanced avionics, ATC communication, Foreflight, and FAA written exam prep; and intends to finish her flight instructor certificate in the near future. ELITE Sim Centers has a variety of helicopter and fixed-wing Aviation Training Devices (ATDs) available for use by pilots (and non-pilots) of all experience levels.

Some topics we will discuss include:
Aviation Training Devices (ATDs), what they are approved for & where to look for that information, technological advances in simulation that ELITE uses on their FAA approved simulators such as ForeFlight integration, PilotEdge live ATC service, enhanced visual systems for VFR training and also some unique uses of flight simulators I have seen at the Sim Center including people who have a fear of flying, home schooled children, Civil Air Patrol events, and aviation enthusiasts.  Lauren will answer all your questions LIVE on air and you will receive unprecedented access and information inside ELITE Sim Centers during the show!  This is a show you cannot afford to miss!

Be sure to tune in on September 12th, at 1800 Zulu for Sky Blue Radio’s FS In Focus!

FS In Focus is a new monthly talk show on Sky Blue Radio. Sky Blue Radio broadcasts 24/7 around the world. Listeners can tune in to Sky Blue Radio by accessing our website at Listeners may also tune in via their com 2 radios on 123.45 with our Free Wee Tune Beastie application available for download on our website. We are available via Black Berry, Android or iPhone phones through the TuneIn Application.    

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