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Sky Blue Radio – FS In Focus Show Welcomes Pete Wright (Froogle) and Dave Pascoe! (Owner of

SBRFSInFocus 112015
Sky Blue Radio presents a new and exciting edition of FS InFocus, when host DJ RotoMoto and co-host Captain Crunch welcomes Pete Wright and Dave Pascoe on November 14th at 1800 Zulu!

Pete Wright, aka Froogle, is a long time contributor to PC Pilot magazine and the founder of Frooglesim on Youtube ( Frooglesim is the most popular hardcore simulation channel on YouTube providing deep dive tutorials on how to marry real world techniques and procedures to desktop simulators and add-ons.

Pete is also the developer behind tapCheck, the spoken checklist app for iPhone and the author of more than a dozen best selling books on software development. A native of London, Froogle now lives just outside Orlando, Florida with his wife and kids, and two dogs named Mac and Tosh.

Dave Pascoe is the Founder & Owner of, an Instrument-rated Private Pilot and avid supporter of General Aviation.  Dave’s eclectic background includes RF, network, security and systems Continue reading


Sky Blue Radio FS In Focus Show Welcomes VATSIM! (Tune in October 10th, 1800Zulu)

fsif oct 2015Sky Blue Radio presents a new and exciting edition of FS InFocus, when host DJ RotoMoto and co-host Captain Crunch welcomes Mark Richards and Roger Curtiss from Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network (VATSIM) on October 10th at 1800 Zulu!  We will also be featuring a special guest from World Flight Group.

Mark Richards is Chairman of VATSIM’s Executive Committee which comprises of 5 other Regional members from across the globe.  The VATSIM Executive Committee (EC) is responsible for the operations of the VATSIM Network virtual airspace around the world.

Mark has been a member of VATSIM, and its predecessor SATCO, since 1996, joining in the very early days. He was one of the Founders of SATPAC (later VATPAC), the Australian and Pacific Division and was the first Division Director of Continue reading


Sky Blue Radio – FS In Focus Show Welcomes ELITE Sim Centers!

ad_banner_smallSky Blue Radio presents a new and exciting edition of FS InFocus, when host DJ Roto Moto and co-host Tom Mathieu welcomes Lauren Brown from ELITE Sim Centers on September 12th at 1800 Zulu!

Lauren Brown is a Commercial-Instrument Airplane pilot who has been flying since the age of 15 in Central Florida. She has been with ELITE Simulation Solutions for 2 years and in that time helped with the creation of ELITE Sim Centers; which she now operates full time as Executive Director. Lauren also leads courses on a variety of advanced avionics, ATC communication, Foreflight, and FAA written exam prep; and intends to Continue reading


Sky Blue Radio Announces VA Days 2015 Winning Virtual Airline!

Sky Blue RadioSky Blue Radio is pleased to announce our VA Days 2015 winner!  Sky Blue Radio has selected Virtual Airline; Canadian Xpress as the ultimate virtual airline for 2015!  This is the second time Canadian Xpress has won in 3 years!

Canadian Xpress is a Canadian based virtual airline that officially launched on September 4th 2009 and has adopted a free flying policy which means that you are permitted to fly any Canadian Xpress aircraft that is available for your rank, on any route, at any time.  The airline boasts over 230 active pilots with over 140,000 hours of logged flight time!

They support flights on both the VATSIM & IVAO networks and use FSAcars to automatically log flights in order to save you the hassle of manually filing your flight reports.
The Canadian Xpress fleet consists of a wide range of freeware aircraft (FS9, FSX, P3D & XPX) with custom liveries, panels, sounds & flight dynamics that fly as realistically possible (within the constraints of the flight simulator). For every freeware aircraft in our fleet, the Canadian Xpress livery is available for the most popular payware models.

Canadian Xpress is a VATSIM Authorized Training Organization which authorizes them to train, evaluate and issue VATSIM pilot ratings to their pilots. Whether you are new pilot just starting your virtual pilot career and need help getting started or are a seasoned pilot that needs help flying the latest payware aircraft, the online training courses provided can help.

Pilot participation is the key at Canadian Xpress and they encourage this by hosting over 100 events per year including our Monthly Fly-In, VFRiday, Bush League Sunday and their Monthly Photo Contest. They also have our Monthly Challenge, which is a mission based challenge. Pilots get to Continue reading


FS InFocus Show Welcomes Flight Sim Con 2014 and VATSIM’s W14!

Sky Blue Radio


Sky Blue Radio presents another exciting edition of FS InFocus, when host Robert Touchtone welcomes Tom Guerrette from Flight Sim Con 2014 and Florian Harms from VATSIM’s W14 Global Conference!

Flight Sim Con 2014 provides a social conference format with networking and learning for enthusiasts of desktop flight simulation programs and aviation in general.  If you are involved with flight simulation programs such as Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX/FS9) or X-Plane – and especially in the multiplayer environment – this conference is for you.  For more information:

The W14 Global Conference provides a great opportunity to meet and greet other members in person and socialize within the VATSIM community. In addition, several major players in the hardware and Continue reading


Sky Blue Radio Announces VA Days 2014 Winning Virtual Airline, vUSAF!

Sky Blue RadiovUSAFLogo_New

Sky Blue Radio is pleased to announce our VA Days 2014 winner!  Sky Blue Radio has selected Virtual U.S. Air Force (vUSAF) as the ultimate virtual airline for 2014!

vUSAF has been serving the Flight Simulator Community for 15 years with around 100 members actively flying averaging more than 15,000 plus hours a year in various training exercises and club wide events. As you can see the vUSAF is a very active organization!

So throw yourself into an immersive virtual reality using top-of-the-line scenery, proprietary software, and your own skills to accomplish your goals.

Do you have what it takes to fly with the best?  Check out their Web Site at

vUSAF utilizes the airframes, as simulated in Microsoft Flight Simulator X, BMS’ Falcon 4.32 Combat Flight Simulator, the ‘DCS’ Digital Combat Flight Simulator, and other sources to achieve the  mission of air supremacy and tactics in Continue reading


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