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Introducing WeFly Virtual Airline

WeflylogoWeFly Virtual Airline is like no other Virtual Airline that anyone has ever seen before.  The airline now contains of only single pilot based flights meaning you can create your own flights and set when you want to fly them and what aircraft. Isn’t this cool?  I thought so!  We are a friendly community with a variety of people and hangouts.  We also have a 24/7 Teamspeak Server and FSX Server via boxed FSX (LAN Connection) and rank 2 in FSOpen.  We love to see virtual pilots have a good time while we do the same this is why we have been doing this since Flight Simulator 2004.  We also have many tours and weekly flights on Sunday and Wednesday through our community website.  Come check us out and remember your not having fun if you’re not at WeFly.

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