Bluestar Airways is Ready for Boarding

BlueStar_logoBluestar Airways was founded in June 2015. We are a virtual Airline with no reference to an existing company. Any matches are purely random. Our goal is to simulate as realistic as possible the operation and process of an airline. We use a pilot software (cACARS, kACARS, xACARS) that sends all relevant data live to our flight dispatch center.

With modern aircrafts of the type Airbus 319/320/321, Boeing 737NG (738) and Bombardier Dash Q400 we start from our main hubs Berlin EDDBDublin EIDW and Stuttgart EDDS to numerous destinations in Europe. Our home base is the airport of Berlin-Brandenburg. Until the real opening of the airport of BER, we start from the old airport of Schoenefeld.

Some highlights of our Flight Dispatch Center,

  • Bookable flights, depending on pilot location
  • Aircraft maintenance simulation
  • Rank system depending on different aircraft types
  • Live flight traffic with ACARS (xACARS, FSACARS, FSPax, FSFK)
  • Optional automatic flight assignment with individual settings
  • Bookable charter flights with own routing
  • Economic cost/expense simulation
  • and much more

We also offer a lot of opportunities for enthusiasts that like to support us and be part of the management board.

Come join us and send us your application today!

We support german and english pilots. | Bluestar Airways


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