Channel Express Opens New Hub at Newark Liberty International Airport

ChannelExpressWe at Channel Express Virtual would like to announce the opening of a New cargo hub at Newark Liberty International airport New Jersey. which went online on January 4th 2016

Currently the fleet consists of 1# Lockheed Tristar and 2# Boeing 727-200 Freighters, Although there are plans to update this fleet at a later date.

Yes these are older aircraft, but we have found there are a few out there who prefer the classic’s.  If these are not your thing, we do have newer aircraft available.

This will be our first hub on the other side of the Atlantic.  As to the question will there be others? lets just see how this one pans out.

Other Airline News
We now have 5 Senior Captains within our ranks, One of which has now completed 2’000 flying hours.  Maybe to some no big deal, But to us this is a great achievement.

We have had a steady flow of new pilots joining us, some have proved to be a great asset to us, and have got stuck right in, also showing a great deal of commitment to the airline.

Others unfortunately not so great.

Our pilots ages range from 16 – 50+ and some have many Years of experience with Flight Simulator’s of all types we also have a few former real life airline crew members within our ranks, so a wealth of knowledge is available to those who wish to learn.

We continue to show our presence on most media and download sites,for example FS2crew, PAD and of course right here on, not forgetting, Facebook where we have quite a significant following.

Our ranking in the VA List and VA Central continue to improve at a steady rate but consistent.

Our web address is


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