Canadian Xpress April 2016 Challenge – Dangerous Airports XI


Copalis State Airport on the Pacific Coast of Washington State that is located at the mouth of the Copalis River is a unique airport. It is the only known beach airport in the United States and is the only stretch of ocean beach in Washington where landing is legal. The runway is the 4500 foot stretch of ocean beach from the Copalis River on the south to the rocks towards the north.

Your mission is to departing from Ranger Creek (21W) and head to Copalis State Airport (S16) with either the Canadian Xpress® Cessna C172, Cessna C185 Tundra or Maule M-7 Taildragger.

Join Canadian Xpress today in order to participate as there are some great prizes to be won including:

• Aerosoft Products

• Bonus Flight Hours

• Canadian Xpress Monthly Challenge Award

The March 2016 Challenge is open to all Canadian Xpress® pilots from April 2nd until April 28th, 2016.

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