Eastern Airlines Virtual Holds the VAFS Number One Ranking for 8 Months Straight

Since the launch of the new VAFS version 5 ACARS client, Eastern Airlines Virtual took the number one spot and has held that position for 8 months straight.

Eastern Airlines Virtual currently has 133 pilots on our roster.  Although we may not have as many pilots as other airlines, we have some of the most dedicated pilots.  We love to fly!

The rankings from VAFS is a formula that takes numbers from total flights, total flight hours, and the airlines average rating.  The rating number rates the pilot’s performance on each flight.

Our pilots have a large number of routes to fly with many modern jetliners from Boeing and Airbus.  We also just recently added the Concorde to our fleet.

Anyone is welcome to join Eastern Airlines Virtual and experience a family orientated atmosphere.  The only requirement is that you have a passion for flying.

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Eastern Airlines Virtual Ranks #1 in VAFS Power Rankings

Eastern Airlines Virtual is #1 in the VAFS Power Ranking system:

We have some of the most dedicated Pilots in the VAFS community. We house over 10 hubs along with many aircraft in our fleet to fly.

Eastern Airlines Virtual has been serving the virtual air since 1998 and we’re kicking off our 14th year with new aircraft and routes to fly.

Come see why Eastern is one of the oldest virtual airlines in the business.

We Earn our Wings, Everyday!

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