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Bringing The Bus Back To Columbus

November 2008, Skybus VA announced a deal with Airbus to buy 65 of its Airbus A319 aircraft. The order carried an estimated retail price of $3.7 billion. Once again, February 2009, the ‘Bus’ will be back in Columbus, as the former start-up budget carrier “Skybus Airlines” will commence service, after ceasing operations April 5, 2008. Continue reading


The Hawaii Express ‘Contemporary’ Arrives Ahead of Schedule

Previously scheduled for creation early in 2009, The Hawaii Express ( entry into the contemporary virtual airline market has been fast-tracked with the acquisition of an Airbus Industrie A380 aircraft. This move into the modern marketplace comes after weeks of deliberation over aircraft types, routes, and back-stories. The A380 represents a marked difference in available technology while still adhering to the common strategy of moving as many people to and from Hawaii as quickly as possible. Continue reading


The Hawaii Express Set to Explore the Future of its Past

Early next year Hawaii-based, The Hawaii Express ( will develop a mirror site meant to represent where the airline would have been in the year 2015 had it been allowed to exist that long. The current The Hawaii Express fleet and all schedules will not be affected. Pilot reports from both the 1983 and 2015 versions will be accepted.

The “new” aircraft being considered are: the CamSim A350-1000 and -900 versions in both passenger and a dedicated cargo configuration; the A350-800; and once the paint kit is released, the A360-200. The group is also considering the A380, but with the limited amount of routes available, this may over saturate the airline with aircraft that simply aren’t needed. The A350 is due for service entry in 2012 but the launch date for the A360, a direct A320 replacement, has not yet been announced. Continue reading


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