Aloft Virtual Alliance

Introducing Aloft Virtual Alliance

AloftWe are currently looking for pilots and another painter if someone is interested. Below is a little bit about us. If you have any questions let us know. Look forward to seeing you in the sky!

Aloft Virtual Alliance
LegionAir (USA)
Canadian Airways (Canada)
Breeze Airways (Central America/Caribbean)
Esfara Airlines (South America)
TravelJet Airways (Europe)
SEM Airlines (Africa)
Kahiji Airlines (Middle East)
Hanzi Airlines (China)
Nihom Airways (Japan)
Oceanic Airways (Australia, New Zealand)
Flex Cargo (World Wide)

About us:
The alliance Was established in 2014. This group of fictional VA’s supports the worlds needs for air travel. The Alliance Supports X Plane, P3D, FSX, FSX Steam. We will offer Continue reading


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