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American Flight Airways Announces X-Plane 11 Default 737-800 and MD-82 Latest Repaints


Last month at Detroit Metro KDTW, American Flight Airways CEO Scott Reed unveiled two default X-Plane 11 models repainted in AFA colors … AFA Atlanta and AFA Latin America CityBird liveries, along with American Flight Airways ‘Mo

dern Livery’ for the MD-82 and Boeing 737-800. AFA’s LCC AlphaJet 738 has also been painted for the newest Flight Simulator – X-Plane 11

American Flight Airways is a major US virtual airline with US hubs in Detroit, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix, San Francisco and Washington D.C. with Australia, Canada and Latin America also having regional, domestic and international services.

Alpha Jet is AFA’s LCC flying 737-800 aircraft.

AFA offers pilots a simple, yet realistic approach to virtual aviation with a long, rich history spanning since 1996.


American Flight Airways Announces New Livery


During the annual mid-year report yesterday, American Flight Airways CEO unveiled a new logo and livery for the long standing airline.  During the report Koro had this to say about the new livery, “The design stays true to the history of American Flight Airways aircraft which predominantly have had green tails.”  He went on to say how this also brings American Flight Airways into the future.  The livery is expected to roll out in time to start American Flight Airway’s 20th year of operation.  The current livery has served American Flight Airways for over 15 years; in that time it has been recognized as the face of the virtual airline community in a number of publications.  In the press interview, Koro explains “The current livery has served us well, and is as iconic as other classic liveries, but just as those liveries have been updated, it is time for us as well to move forward and update as well”  From the that interview it was also learned that the livery will remain on a few aircraft as part of their legacy fleet which will also included the original livery on a 737-800 set for release sometime next year.

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American Flight Airways adds aircraft to Canadian Division


Detroit, MI Rolled out in front of media, airport workers and airline staff, American Flight Airways introduces two new aircraft to its fleet last month under their Canadian division livery.AFAQ400

The first of the two planes is the Dash 8-Q400 will be installed on routes throughout Canada as well as connection hops between the US and Canada.  Featuring a new interior design, these Q400′s are some of the most comfortable in the business.  More Q400′s are on order to be added to AFA’s express fleet.  This aircraft comes in freeware form for FS9 and Continue reading


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