Japan Airlines Virtual is celebrating its 10th anniversary of operations from April 1st 2017 onwards. We would like to share this milestone achievement of our virtual airline with our pilots and the wider flight simulation community. Feel Free to join JAL VIRTUAL events. Voice communication will be conducted via our discord server:

Throughout the course of the next few months we will be having 10 different events under the banner “10 YEARS EVENT #X”.  We are open and interested in having a wide variety of events, if you are interested in in collaborating with us in an event, or want to invite JAL VIRTUAL to your event, please send us an email to Continue reading


Happy 10 Year Anniversary MetroAir Virtual!


A little more than 10 years ago on a cold Michigan morning, founder Mark McCoy had a crazy idea to build a new virtual airline that was focused on realism. The plan was to start the airline off like a new real world airline with a very limited fleet (and  cash balance).  The airline officially started with 6 Boeing 737-200ADVs and 3 Bombardier Dash 8-Q200s. ”Today is just the beginning” said McCoy on that very first day; his words have never rang so true.


For those of you who like numbers, in the 10 years we’ve had some impressive stats. Keep in mind that we did lose some data at one point so the numbers for all are really a little higher. In the Continue reading


Porter Virtual Airlines Celebrates 1st Anniversary

Porter Virtual Airlines will be celebrating its one year anniversary this month. During this time, we have accumulated close to 200 flights, 275 hours and 30 pilots!
We strive to conduct ourselves in the same way as our real world counterpart; professional and fun. We are a community of flight simulation enthusiasts who fly on FSX, Prepar3d and X-Plane. Porter Virtual Airlines offers all of the routes and schedules that Porter Airlines operates as well as charter flights during special events, accessible through our website or smartCARS ACARS system.
Join our VA today to share in the fun of flying on the VATSIM network or to relax on our Teamspeak server.Visit Porter Virtual Airlines online @

Royal Dutch Virtual Celebrates One Year Anniversary and Official KLM Partnership


This past weekend Royal Dutch Virtual celebrated the one year anniversary of its opening. It has also announced its new partnership with KLM to become the one and only Official KLM Virtual Airline.

Royal Dutch Virtual has over 400 pilots flying hundreds of flights every week to destinations around the world. Pilots receive complete flight briefings including loadsheets and operational flight plans which are also analyzed post flight in conjunction with their flights log to provide a flight analysis and score. Pilots can review completed flights in-depth and learn how to improve future flights.

Royal Dutch Virtual is certified on both IVAO and VATSIM and while pilots are encouraged to fly online to improve the experience, offline flying is permitted.

Visit Royal Dutch Virtual online @


Canadian Xpress August 2014 Challenge – World Tour Leg I


Canadian Xpress® is celebrating its 5th year of operations this month. Part of our celebrations is the launch of our Boeing C-17 Globemaster III, along with a tour/challenge that will run over the course of the next year using our new aircraft which is available to all pilots regardless of rank but only for the tour/challenge.

This month’s challenge is the first leg of our 5 Year Anniversary World Tour that take us from Montréal (CYUL) to Long Beach (KLGB).

Join Canadian Xpress today in order to participate as there are some great Continue reading


Eastern Airlines Virtual Celebrates 16 Years!

EasternAVEastern Airlines Virtual is celebrating its 16 year anniversary this August as we continue to be one of the oldest VA’s in operation! To celebrate this occasion, we are having a special anniversary tour to all of our successful HUB’s. During this anniversary, Eastern Airlines Virtual would like to recognize and thank all of our current and previous members that helped us reach this milestone.

Eastern Airlines Virtual has these other fantastic benefits:

- Over 10 HUBS in the USA and Europe

- Many great destinations

- New and classic Paint Schemes

- Large and varied fleet

- 16 years of successful operations

- Great and knowledgeable management team

- Fun filled family-orientated VA

Visit us on our newly redesigned website at and see why we are “Earning our wings, Everyday”.


(VAC) Virtual Air Canada celebrates 15 Years in Flight Simulation Community w/Promotional Video

Established in 1998, VAC (Virtual Air Canada) is a worldwide virtual airline community of real world pilots, flight simulator pilots and aviation enthusiasts who want more realism added to their flights by utilizing Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X.

VAC pilots use our custom flight planning tool to generate briefing packages containing fuel calculations, weather forecasts, updated NOTAMs, ETOPS calculations, and more. The most realistic system in the world, it is virtually identical to briefings used by real world pilots, VAC is the only virtual airline to offer such a system free of charge.

The virtual airline mirrors its daily operations on real world schedules, routes and flights. Comprised of volunteer staff who operate and manage the not-for-profit organization, VAC is Canada’s largest operating and leading virtual airline, and awarded the Top10 virtual airline in the world.

Through our partnership with VATSIM (Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network) and VATCAN (Virtual Air Traffic Canada), VAC members can experience a more advanced level environment of online flying with other virtual pilots around the world where real world procedures apply. Online flying is encouraged for our pilots and a majority of flights are flown connected to the VATSIM network.

We are proud to present to you our new VAC promotional video to coincide with our 15 Year celebration in the flight simulation community since 1998.  We would like to thank our members for their years of support and dedication in allowing us Continue reading


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